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The Center Stage Team’s mission is to provide strength and value for our clients though the knowledge, creativity, and dedication of our team, leading to superior results for the company, rep agency partners and retailers.


The Center Stage Team is a partnership of two industry veterans that have the talent and experience to assist you in growing your business at a price to fit your budget. Whether you are new to the Gift Industry, or well established, the Center Stage Team brings industry expertise to your organization.

We tailor specific programs to fit the current needs of your organization in areas such as, Sales Management, Marketing, Product Development, Licensing, Distribution, Sales Training, Trade Shows and competitor evaluation. We function as your in-house sales and marketing team so you gain the time to manage your company


The Center Stage Team provides your company with over 40 years of quality

experience in the gift and home décor industry. We will be your sales and marketing team, providing positive communication between you and your sales force.


The industry is a constant learning experience. As your guide to sales and marketing , The Center Stage Team is here to work with you so you continue to learn and absorb the information we bring to your company.


I was hoping to maybe create a $50,000/year side business when I first started in 2012.  Randy and Angela saw my product and within a year of that talk we had sold over $1 million the first year

Dan -My Fun Colors


Our team will develop sales and marketing strategies, define markets and establish distribution networks. With a proven method of shared management and shared expenses, your company will receive the highest degree of professionalism and experience at a price you can afford.



2537 Grandville Ave. Henderson, NV 89052

ph 702-361-3955 ~ fax 702-896-4008 

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